About our Service

The Woodlands Outreach Autism, Learning & Social, Emotional and Mental Health/Behaviour Service is fully traded and provides integrated support for pupils who present with SEMH (Social, Emotional and Mental Health), Autistic Spectrum (AS) and Learning needs across Shropshire and beyond.

In addition to supporting individual children the service offers qualified, experienced and highly respected staff who can also provide a range of support, materials and training for schools and professionals.  The Outreach Service has the inclusive agenda at its heart, ensuring wherever possible that children remain educated in a mainstream setting.

Details of the support and consultancy that is available to all Shropshire and surrounding County schools are listed within this section of our website.  However, if schools would like further information or would like to negotiate specific requirements then please contact us.

We believe that the quality of the service provided by Woodlands Outreach represents excellent value for money. Our prices are set to cover our provision costs and not to generate profit. Our intention is that the service should be affordable, flexible and effective for schools in addressing their needs and those of the pupils requiring support.

Aims of the Service

  • To provide a responsive and where possible proactive service which will enable mainstream schools to effectively include pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities
  • To work in partnership with school staff, pupils, parents/carers and other outside agencies involved where possible, ensuring a coordinated approach
  • To support pupils in making progress and to reach their potential

For further information the service, charges, or Service Level Agreement please contact Sheila Trow on 01939 236181 or Email outreach@woodlandscentre.org