Autism Advisory Service

Woodlands Outreach Autism Spectrum Support provides assessment, information, guidance and support to mainstream schools in Shropshire for pupils with needs related to the Autism Spectrum.

The following advice and support is available for purchase from the Autism Spectrum Advisory Support Team

Whole School Strategic Support Relating to the Autism Spectrum

  • Supporting schools in carrying out an ‘Evaluation of Current Practice in Relation to the Autism Spectrum’ to enable the school to enhance their current practice
  • Supporting schools in carrying out a ‘Sensory Audit’ of the school environment to help meet the needs of pupils with sensory sensitivities
  • Supporting schools in implementing provision mapping for children on the Autism Spectrum
  • Supporting identified Key Workers for children on the Autism Spectrum in developing their role
  • Supporting the SENCo in matters related to the Autism Spectrum
  • Advice on supporting pupils on the Autism Spectrum during transition times and unstructured times (break times, lunchtimes, homework clubs & extra-curricular activities)
  • Meeting with the senior leadership team and/or school governors to discuss matters in relation to the Autism Spectrum
  • Awareness raising sessions about the Autism Spectrum for mainstream pupils.  This may include small groups of pupils, whole classes, tutor groups, year groups or other groups as requested

Individual Support for Children on the Autism Spectrum or with Needs Related to the Autism Spectrum

  • Provide individual case support through observations, one to one work and feedback
  • Develop pupils’ social interaction skills through social skills groups, comic strip work, social stories and other approaches
  • Develop pupils’ awareness of their own emotions and the emotions of others.  This may be within social skills groups or may be through a series of individual support sessions
  • Provide sample resources for use with individual pupils (timetables, key rings, cue cards, reward systems, emotion monitors and other visual support approaches)
  • Carry out ‘Stressor Assessments’ for individual pupils and provide feedback
  • Attend Annual Reviews, Early Intervention or other meetings related to the child, provided that sufficient notice is given
  • Provide individual reports following an initial period of assessment or intervention package
  • Provide individual reports as part of an application for request for an Education, Health and Care Plan or as part of the annual review process
  • Monitor and review pupils at SEN Support and with an EHCP
  • Provide advice in relation to Pupil Centred Plans
  • Provide advice, strategies and individual support sessions in relation to behavioural issues
  • Support pupils in understanding their Autism Spectrum diagnosis
  • Liaise with other agencies
  • Liaise with signpost, support and advise parents
  • Meeting parents and/or carers
  • Supporting pupils with transitions between year groups or schools; e.g. Year 6 to Year 7.