Woodlands School

Students are very appreciative of all that the school offers and the way it gives them a fresh start
(Woodlands School Ofsted 2013)

Woodlands SignWoodlands School is a Shropshire Local Authority (LA) Specialist School catering for pupils aged eleven to sixteen who have a ‘Statement of Special Educational Needs’ (SEN), specifically Social, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties (SEBD).  Previously known as Trench Hall School, the new school was purpose built and opened November 2003.  Based in Tilley Green, Wem, in it’s own grounds and surrounded by countryside, it can accommodate up to 56 boys and girls on a non-residential basis.

Children are admitted from year seven, up to a maximum of eight in each year group.  Each group is usually taught by one teacher and one special support assistant.  The high staff to pupil ratio within classrooms is recognition that pupils coming to Woodlands School have a range of learning, emotional and behavioural difficulties which require a significantly higher level of support.

Pupils follow the national curriculum, with enhanced opportunities to access more the active learning involved in subjects such as Design and Technology, Food Technology and Physical Education.  They also have daily contact during period 1 with their tutor and dedicated Special Support Assistant.

Pupils take a range of examinations in key stage four, primarily in year 10, and can take advantage of an increasingly varied range of vocational opportunities within our alternative curriculum for year 11 pupils, meaning that their time can be split between school, college and regular weekly work experience, leading to as broad a base as possible in terms of qualifications and experiences.

Students behave well as they move around the school. They greet each other, adults and visitors politely. They take pride in their school and its facilities.
(Woodlands School Ofsted 2013)

Woodland’s ethos is built upon fostering a mutual respect for all individuals involved with the school community and recognition of the positive contribution that all can make to the continued development of a safe and positive learning environment.   With this in mind, the  school feels best able to satisfactorily meet the needs of pupils admitted at the earliest possible stage of their secondary education, giving us more time to build in our pupils trust, confidence, self esteem and respect for their school, for others, and for themselves as both young citizens and as learners.  For this reason we admit far more pupils in key stage three than in key stage four.

Places at Woodlands are offered on a permanent basis, although as statements are reviewed annually it sometimes becomes necessary to re-consider placement for pupils who have made significant progress since their last review.  At times, this means that pupils, in consultation with parents/carers, are involved in discussion regarding a planned and phased move back to an appropriate mainstream school.