In Keystage 3 students will be busy covering basic elements such as line, shape and colour, through interactive and engaging projects. Students will continue to be encouraged to have the own artistic ideas but will largely be guided through their studies in a way which allows them to build up a repertoire of skills in both 2D and 3D which they can use during their Keystage 4 studies.
Projects that Keystone 3 students are covering this year include:

    • Colour and Shape – Matisse Bowls
    • Colour and Emotion – Lino Prints
    • The BIG Draw – workbook
    • Portraits – Giacometti
    • Food – Cake Plates
    • Fish – Introduction to Study Sheets
    • Day of the Dead – 3D Skull Masks
    • African Paper Art
    • Clay Monsters

During Keystage 4 (Years 9-11) students will work towards an OCR GCSE Qualification or OCR Entry level. This involves students producing a portfolio of coursework and a final response (in a controlled environment in ten hours); and an exam unit which is similar set out but requires students to select their own topic from a choice given by the Exam Board.
During Years 9 and 10 students will do GCSE style projects which will allows them to explore a number of themes and produce up to several units of work. This will continue in the first full term of Year 11 which means students will have between a selection of units of work to choose from for final submission.
For successful students, particularly those who are currently in Year 9 and 10, there will be an opportunity to gain both Entry Level and GCSE by the time they leave school.
Topics covered by Keystone 4 this year:

  • Buildings (Entry Level)
  • The Big Draw (Years 9 & 10)
  • Exam Unit – Fastenings, Footwear and Supermarket (Entry Level)
  • Journeys (GCSE)
  • Ordinary/Extraordinary (GCSE)

You can see some examples of student’s work below and it is hoped that at the end of the year an exhibition of the students work may be held at the school.


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