At Woodlands pupils are stretched and challenged in English and study a wide range of texts and poems throughout their time here. In year 7 pupils study spelling, punctuation and grammar alongside the theme of Journeys so that their skills are enhanced for an extensive course throughout Key Stage 3 into Key Stage 4.

Pupils study texts from seminal world literature, English literary heritage and the media by a range of poets, writers and authors. At Key Stage 4 pupils work towards an English Language and English Literature qualification with EDUQAS as well as Functional Skills Literacy level 1 or 2 with AQA.

We also use Accelerated Reader with pupils to help them make progress in their reading and comprehension skills. This consists of pupils completing a comprehension test which allocates them a range in which they can select books from our library. Since introducing this in January 2016, every pupil has made progress in their reading.

Accelerated Reader

At Woodlands we use the reading programme Accelerated Reader. The main impacts of Accelerated Reader have been engaging pupils in reading (or reading more), reading at the correct level and tracking what pupils read and how frequently.

Initially, the pupils take a vocabulary and comprehension test on their iPads. This test provides the pupils with a level at which to select books from. Each time the pupil reads a book they complete a quiz on that book to measure their level of understanding and retention. As a result of the quiz, pupils earn points towards their target. Each pupil’s target is based upon reading for a certain length of time each day (20 minutes in our case) and their reading ability. This, through comprehension questions, indicates their understanding of that book. The use of levels, target setting and certificates has inspired many pupils to read more than they had previously.

Certificates are presented every Friday for those who have passed a quiz and been nominated for outstanding reading in the week. Pupils should be extremely proud of the progress they have made since beginning to use AR. In some instances, pupils have made 5 years progress in their reading age.

As with many online platforms, it continues to develop and add new features. There is a wealth of data within the site to look at the school, year groups, classes and individual pupil’s abilities, gaps and progress.

For more information on the curriculum at Woodlands School please contact Jules Taylor on 01939 232372 or school@woodlandscentre.org