Humanities & PSHCE

The aim of the Humanities & PSHE at Woodlands is to encourage an understanding of, and to participate fully in the world, with its diversity of constraints, opportunities and values. We encourage an interest and awareness of the world and the effect that people have on it.

Humanities at Woodlands consists of Geography, History, Religious Education, Personal, Social, Health & Economic Education and Careeers Education.

In a lesson in personal, social and health education, students discussed their possible career choices with great enthusiasm. The teaching assistant sensitively encouraged one student successfully to re-engage with his learning and stepped back when the student was confident to work independently.
(Woodlands School Ofsted 2013)

Year 7 pupils are taught separately by a base tutor and Year 8 pupils are a mixed ability group.  Key Stage 4 pupils are taught in ability groups.

Assessments for these years are achieved through extended assignments and each pupil’s record of day-to-day performance.

In years 9, 10 and 11, the three academic subjects are offered jointly as AQA GCSE Humanities. All pupils cover a work based learning Careers Education Programme that includes a week of work experience in year 10.

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