Mathematics is an all-embracing and pervading part of life, not just in the class room but all around us, from calculating which packet of cornflakes is the best value to working out the speed you would be travelling on ‘The Smiler’ at Alton Towers. It helps us to create, plan, organise and solve problems from the smallest Sudoku to cracking codes in World War Two.

We aim to create an environment whereby students are encouraged and stimulated to develop a positive attitude towards this crucial subject and acquire the necessary concepts, skills and knowledge.

Students make good progress in mathematics. This is because teaching takes into consideration their needs and interests. Students are able to see a purpose in their learning and enjoy solving problems while, at the same time, practising key mathematical skills.
(Woodlands School Ofsted 2013)

Throughout their Mathematical journey students at Woodlands School learn how to demonstrate their ability in numerous areas as we guide students towards achieving or exceeding their potential.  With ever-increasing emphasis being placed on the mathematical content of ‘real-life’ and functional situations, we endeavour to, where appropriate, use practical and investigative approaches. Students will also have opportunities to communicate their understanding to other students and to use ICT to enhance and improve their own learning and performance.

Mathematics is taught effectively. The specialist teacher has good subject knowledge and provides activities that are relevant and interesting. Students’ learning is supported well through good questioning and a learning environment that provides clear prompts for specific mathematical ideas.
(Woodlands School Ofsted 2013)

Mathematics in KS3

Pupils in years 7 and 8 are taught in mixed ability groups following topics to cover the requirements of the National Curriculum. Pupils experience a broad and balanced curriculum with a range of opportunities given to consolidate their learning, become fluent with key mathematical procedures and develop problem-solving skills. Pupils cover topics from Number and Algebra, Shape, Space and Measures and Handling Data in line with pupils at mainstream schools.

Most pupils in year 9 are taught in vertical ability groups with years 10 and 11, following the AQA modular GCSE course at Foundation level (grades C-G). All pupils in year 9 are given the opportunity to attain an external qualification of AQA Functional Mathematics Skills at Entry level 3.

Mathematics in KS4

All pupils in year 10 follow the AQA modular Mathematics GCSE course at Foundation level (grades C-G) and are expected to sit the examinations in the Summer term. During year 11 pupils will have the opportunity to improve the GCSE grade they acquired in year 10 at Foundation level or if appropriate at Higher level (grades A*-D). All year 11 pupils will also be entered for AQA Statistics GCSE at Foundation level in the Summer term. In addition pupils in year 11 are given the opportunity to attain an external qualification of AQA Functional Mathematics Skills at level 1 or 2.

The AQA modular GCSE course consists of 3 units and helps students develop further their knowledge and understanding of:

  • problem solving
  • reasoning
  • applying maths in context
  • the functional elements of maths

Unit 1 Statistics and Number – Written paper (Calculator) 26.7% of the GCSE Mathematics assessment

Unit 2 Number and Algebra – Written paper (Non-calculator) 33.3% of the GCSE Mathematics assessment

Unit 3 Geometry and Algebra – Written paper (Calculator) 40% of the GCSE Mathematics assessment


We subscribe to MyMaths which provides access to a range of online homework tasks that have been proven to raise standards of achievement. All pupils know their log-in details but should they forget we can provide you with their details to access MyMaths alongside your child. You will then be able to support your child’s learning by seeing what they are working on and checking their progress.

For more information on the curriculum at Woodlands School please contact Nic Carter on 01939 232372 or