Exam results & Progress

There were 8 pupils in year 11 last year who featured in the national attainment and achievement data for Key stage 4.

On average the pupils achieved 78 performance points across their best 8 GCSE / equivalent results (Based on the new measures and best entry result for each subject) Whilst this is significantly below the national average, Woodlands pupils achieved, on average, 32 points higher than similar pupils made across the country. “Similar pupils” in this case is defined as pupils with similar prior attainment at Key Stage 2, gender and month of birth.

Due to the size of the cohort it is more advantageous to view the attainment of year 11 by number rather than as a percentage as the low pupil numbers make the comparative data statistically invalid. This is the case for year on year comparison and against national percentages. Included below is a chart that demonstrates the actual qualifications undertaken by pupils and how they performed compared to similar pupils nationally.

Table 1

No pupils achieved 5+ A*-C GCSEs

No pupils achieved The English Baccalaureate, as they were not eligible for this measure due to the combination of qualifications undertaken.

Pupil achievement data shows that those with low attainment at Key Stage 2 and those that joined Woodlands prior to year 10 were the higher performing groups in last years cohort.

At Woodlands pupil progress is tracked in two ways. Firstly, from their attainment at Key Stage 2 and secondly, from their baseline assessment on entry to the school. This provides us with a clear indicator of age related expectations at Key Stage 4 and also how pupils have been affected by their transition from mainstream education, which has often been highly disrupted. Our aim at Woodlands is to enable pupils to accelerate their progress towards their age related expectations by identifying and closing the gaps in their learning.

Therefore for year 11 in 2014 progress was as follows:

Maths Progress from Woodlands baseline

Table 2 - 2

Maths Progress from key stage 2

Table 3 - 2

English Progress from Woodlands baseline

Table 4 - 2

English Progress from Key stage 2

Table 5 - 2

Each table represents expected progress (green) versus actual progress either above expected progress (purple) or below expected progress (blue) Each square represents a level of progress. The numbers in each square represent the number of pupils who attained that level at key stage 2 and the grade they then attained at Key stage 4.