Home School Agreement

The Parent(s)/Guardian(s) will:

  • See that my child attends school regularly, correctly dressed and on time;
  • Let the school know of any changes or problems that might affect my child’s work or behaviour at school;
  • Support the school’s policies and guidelines for the management of child’s behaviour;
  • Support my child in homework and other opportunities for home learning;
  • Enter discussions about my child’s progress, attend Annual Reviews and attend the annual school BBQ;
  • ensure their child will attend school in the stated school uniform. Black shoes, Black trousers (Unisex) Black shorts / Knee length skirt for girls. Black or Purple school T-Shirt, Black school sweat shirt.

The School will:

  • Contact parents if there is a problem with attendance;
  • Let parents know about any concerns or problems that affect their child’s work or behaviour;
  • Expect pupils to observe the school’s Discipline and Anti-Bullying Policy;
  • Send home assessments
  • Discuss homework with parents and set and mark homework which is thought appropriate following discussions;
  • Arrange parents’ evenings during which progress will be discussed;
  • Keep parents informed about school activities through regular letters home and newsletters.

Download the Home-School Agreement