The Garden

Pupils at Woodlands have the opportunity to learn about gardening, this comprises of sowing seeds, transplanting, harvesting, composting and how to use the tools and equipment safely.  The garden is mainly stocked with ‘edibles’ however this year we have grown some plants that are ‘buzzworthy’ as they attract the bees, our friendly pollinators.

We stock our garden with produce that the school kitchen will use, the pupils enjoy gathering the vegetables and fruit and often prepare the dishes in Food Technology and serve them at lunch time.

The sense of achievement from the pupils when they are able to use their produce shows why the garden is such an important part of school life.

Woodlands GardenWhilst maintaining the garden, pupils are able to learn how to use some maintenance machinery. This also teaches them about the Health and Safety aspects and what protective equipment they must use.

Recently the old brick shed has been re-pointed and had a new roof, finally making it waterproof.  New compost bins were made and during the May half term the fence and gate were replaced, chicken wire dug into the ground to try to keep the rabbits at bay and a concrete slab created.

The Garden is not always about work, it can be extremely relaxing and at times it can allow pupils to sit quietly and just “chill out”.

There is always a job for someone in the garden, it could be cutting or strimming the grass, maintain the raised beds, looking after the poly tunnel and maintaining equipment.

Renovation of the Pond

Our pond will undertake some changes in the near future including re-landscaping, dredging, new fencing, removal of necessary trees, a floating duck house, safe pond dipping area.  Fencing to allow safe seating areas with picnic tables.  We also may look at putting fish into the pond.  It will be an enhanced feature for school use.

Here are the current photos of our pond which we are looking to renovate.  Once the project is finished we will show the finished photos.