School Uniform

At Woodlands School we believe the school uniform is important as not only does it demonstrate that we are part of the same school community, but it:

  • allows pupils to show they are ready to learn 
  • ensures the school is smartly represented when pupils go out, as they do frequently,
  • helps keep pupils safe as it identifies that they are school children and also the school they attend
  • reduces peer pressure in relation to wearing the latest fashions or the most expensive clothing.  

We ask that parents support this 100% by ensuring pupils are correctly dressed for school.  Due to the nature of our young people, we cannot afford to allow for exceptions to this policy, unless in exceptional circumstances there is specific mention to the issue in the Statement of Special Educational Needs supporting a child and which describes, for example, a tactile defensiveness which would preclude certain materials or clothing being worn. 

We realise that in some rare circumstances uniform may be unavailable temporarily, for example if trousers have just ripped.  Any pupil arriving without the correct uniform will automatically be educated in the Learning Support Room, unless parents telephone or send a letter in describing the issue and when the item will be replaced.  We will then be able to consider whether or not we can make a temporary exception or whether we would accommodate the pupil within the LSR. 

We understand at times that families can find it difficult to find the funds for a new set of uniform, particularly when a pupil first comes here.  Please do talk to us if you find yourself in this position as we can consider various ways of helping, for example by agreeing to spread the costs.

There are times when pupils are not required to wear school uniform, or when they can come in partial uniform.  For example, we sometimes have a charitable fundraising non-uniform day, or we may take groups hill walking in the summer and so pupils would be expected to wear different footwear.  However we will always let the parent/carer know through a text message, phone call or letter.  Other exceptions are when pupils take part in alternative learning, for example a mechanics or hairdressing course, or a work experience placement, where it would not be appropriate to wear school uniform and where pupils would be expected to comply with the specific requirements of that environment.

Our Uniform

Black school trousers.  Girls can wear a black school skirt of knee length. 

Sensible, non canvas, black shoes

Sweatshirt (Available to purchase from Woodlands School)
Black with Woodlands emblem

Polo Top  (Available to purchase from Woodlands School)
Years 7, 8 and 9:  Purple with Woodlands emblem
Years 10 and 11:  Black with Woodlands emblem

Items from Woodlands School cost £10.00 per item and are available to purchase from the school office.  Usually, uniform from the school is purchased on the pre-admission visit or pupils bring in the money to buy the items on their first morning at school.

There is no school PE kit, but pupils are expected to bring in items suitable for whatever activity has been planned for them, including trainers and appropriate sports-wear.

In all circumstances, unless the school has informed home otherwise, pupils would be expected to come into school in their full uniform with their appropriate PE kit in a bag to change into.  

Items not Accepted

An essential aspect of our uniform is that NO pupil will be allowed to wear any item of jewellery for any reason. This is very important not least because we cannot guarantee a pupils safety should they do so, for example if a physical intervention is required. To be clear:

  • No earings or piercings will be covered up, but will have to be removed upon entry to the school
  • No necklaces, watches or rings will be allowed, whether covered or not
  • Pupils’ not complying risk not being able to access school. We may be able to manage in the Learning Support Room, but would have to consider this on a case by case basis as a risk would still exist if there was then a requirement to intervene physically in support of a pupil
  • We will not temporarily allow jewellery to be in place immediately following a piercing.  We therefore ask that you consider the timing of any piercing you consent to carefully so that they become established without the need to wear jewellery in school. Some parents ensure piercings happen at the beginning of the summer holiday for example.

We do allow a certain amount of make up as long as make up does not become and issue that interferes with learning in any way. Make up should be left at home, and will be held by staff until the end of the day if it comes into school. We like to give pupils the opportunity to demonstrate some personality, and will tolerate different hairstyles and even hair dying as long as it doesn’t impact upon any learning in school.